Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

GBA Emulator For Android - VGBA APK

GBA Emulator For Android - Many user know about VGBA Gameboy emulator but mostly don’t. You can play any game with extra landscape or portrait video with bonus features. This emulator V3.8.8 APK is specially design for android based devices like Samsung galaxy phone, note and other company’s tablets. So don’t use this on your PC.

Almost there. We need a game now. These are called ROMs and are very easy to find. You'll need to source a file off of the Internet (either on your phone or a PC) - but we won't be giving you exact locations of any naughty files.

Drop the ".GBA" file in a sensible place on your SD card (we say: make a folder called "GBA Roms" on your card). Now, open GBAoid again, find the ROM, and tap it to play. If all goes well, the game should start playing. Huzzah!

You can control it with the virtual buttons, or hit the 'Menu' button and choose 'input settings' to configure a gamepad or the Xperia Play's controls.